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Sustainable Dining Out

November 28, 2012
An idea whose time has come, from the UK. 
"The Sustainable Restaurant Association is a not for profit membership organisation helping restaurants become more sustainable and diners make more sustainable choices when dining out. We help our member restaurants source food more sustainably, manage res…

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Food via The New Yorker

November 27, 2012

Curated Dinners?

November 27, 2012

Apparently, a new profession has arisen. It's Dinner Curating. We think. Not a Martha Stewart thing, either, we think. The lovely, ultra aesthetically-pleasing magazine called Kinfolk, out of Portland, Oregon mentioned this. Kinfolk does dinners, is interested in community around a table, does film,…

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The Dinner: TDay

November 27, 2012
Creamed onions with peas; mashies with spinach; sweets casserole; peppery dressing; the bird, moist. Thanks to Lee for a tasty dish.

Twinkies, II

November 20, 2012
You know, you can make your own Twinkies at home. All you need is white bread, yellow spray paint, and a caulking gun.
 ---Jay Leno

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Good Riddance, Wondrous Twinkies

November 19, 2012
We are sorry an ancient  US company is to close--Hostess is 80 years old!--and  people are losing their jobs, while executive salaries rose absurdly prior to their second bankruptcy, and labor is blamed, and, one report from Think Progress here.
Or this one from Bloomberg here.
What am…

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Nate Silver Eats, and It Ain't Crow

November 13, 2012
Every Dem's favorite stat man once toiled statistically over burritos, attempting to pin down the finest in all of the Windy City.

You can visit his long quiescent blog, The Burrito Bracket, here. And yes, this photo clearly is altered to include a giant oozing burrito in Nate's mathematical hands.…

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Triumphant Prez Clearly Likes the Food Here...

November 9, 2012
But where is this?
Love the look, the napkin, the soup awaiting...

Iowa's New Digital Culinary Library

October 25, 2012

Handwritten cookbooks from the 1600's to the 1960's comprise the now on line Szathmary Culinary Manuscripts collection from the University of Iowa libraries. Louis Szathmary was a Chicago chef, collector, writer and restaurant owner born in Hungary. His culinary memorabilia archives, in part, went t…

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Syrians Slaughtered As They Buy Bread

October 24, 2012

"Syrian artillery gunners shelled a bread bakery full of workers and customers on Tuesday in an insurgent-held neighborhood of Aleppo...Mangled bodies were interspersed with upended loaves of freshly baked pita on the bakery’s bloodied fl…

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Liverpuddlian Food Icon Closes

October 15, 2012

Via The Guardian "Shoppers in their dozens lining the streets for pork pies, potato cakes, a ribbon-tied box of meringues or fabled Bavarian slices (mouth-watering masterpieces of vanilla custard, jam, fondant and exquisite puff pastry) is something else again.

Such were the incongruous scenes set …

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For Food News from the Inland Northwest?

October 2, 2012

It's here. Foodishness from the inner bits of Washington State, Oregon and Idaho. We never knew there was a category Inland Northwest, but, so what? Makes good sense.

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Dumpster Diving for (Still) Edibles

September 24, 2012

From Utne Reader via Gastronomica: In New York City, freegans promote food justice and combat food waste by eating trash.
For more, direct from a NYC freegan group, take a look at

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Box of Fries Tees

September 19, 2012

Seed Bank Town Keeps Safe 1200 Heirloom Varieties

September 12, 2012

The old Petaluma, California bank now houses seeds. And hosts the National Heirloom Exposition, for the second time.

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US $$ Helps Fund Coffee Biz in Timor

September 6, 2012

Tasting the Joe that the Timor Coffee Cooperative produces, Secretary of State Clinton pronounced it "delicious."
According to Reuters, Secretary Clinton ".... toured a USAID-funded coffee finishing plant, a symbol of the country's second-largest export which generates some $10 million per year.


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Finger Food Only, Please, as Republicans Gather

August 27, 2012

Via Tampa Bay Times:

"Attendees at the Republican National Convention may require special tools to fully enjoy their visit: toothpicks. At many parties, that's what they'll be eating with."  
Why? Because  one cannot be seen as being wined and dined......
"According to the House Ethics Manual, House …

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Coming Up: World Kitchen Garden Day, Aug. 26

August 16, 2012

Celebrate feeding yourself, your family, your restaurant from a kitchen garden, an entity that was once part of everyone's life.
World Kitchen Garden Day, created by Kitchen Gardens International, came about as a brief counterpunch to Snack Foods Month.....Read more here. 

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Syrian Tumult Hits Bakeries

August 10, 2012

"Rebel commanders have said that there are “daylight robberies” in the bread lines of the bakeries that they control, with thieves grabbing more than their allotted loaves to sell for a premium on the black market."

Via NYTimes 

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Peanuts and NASA Success

August 5, 2012

The newest Mars lander Curiosity is (one hopes) about to land on the Red Planet. So the peanuts, which have gone along with successful space projects via the Jet propulsion Lab in California, go hand in hand with same.

"The tradition of the peanuts at JPL goes way back to the 1960s and goes all the w…

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