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Double-Billing for Food in Afghanistan

"Congressional investigators have given the Defense Logistics Agency and its prime food contractor in Afghanistan 10 days to explain why the military paid the contractor what it says were more than $750 million in double-billed and excessive charges since 2005.

The House subcommittee in charge of n…

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Hungry in Yemen

"Seven aid groups gave warning on Wednesday that Yemen was on the brink of a "catastrophic food crisis" and urged the participants in the Friends of Yemen meeting in Riyadh to bolster efforts to salvage the situation.

The Arabian Peninsula country was rocked by an uprising last year that forced A…

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Clueless re Fish? Get the App.

It's from artist/cook/writer Jake Tilson, author of the book, In at the Deep End, and apparently the app guides you away from fear of fish...

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Mackerel/Herring Heist!

Everybody wants to outwit the Euro quota people, right? Especially one Scots fisherperson who caught and processed "tens of millions" of pounds of illegal fish.

"Ian Buchan, 55, from Peterhead, was given the £1m confiscation order after he admitted illegally landing and then selling nearly £4.5m wort…

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Feed the Kids!

"Mother’s Day marks the first day of the annual Feed the Kids food drive in New York City by City Harvest, a food rescue organization dedicated to feeding the city’s hungry. Feed the Kids brings together companies, organizations and individuals to collect kid-friendly, non-perishable food durin…

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Claiborne, and American food

A new biography of NYTimes food critic and chef, Craig Claiborne, reminds us of a time before foodie ingredients, tv chefs, and all that.

"Claiborne reshaped the world of food criticism, taking it from advertiser-friendly puff pieces displayed on what were then known as the newspaper’s women’s page t…

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Black Pepper Nixes Fat?

Grind away, fresh pepper people! A Korean study gives black pepper fans obesity-fighting info.
Via Laboratory Equipment
"Soo-Jong Um, from Sejong Univ., Ji-Cheon Jeong and colleagues describe previous studies indicating that piperine reduces fat levels in the bloodstream and has other beneficial heal…

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Fish Farming in the Bronx

Tilapia? Coming right up. Vertically Integrated Farms fish farmers, Anya and Christopher, raise fish, gather wild goodies, and more, right in the Bronx. They encourage you to do the same, you urbanists! These folks also founded SAVE, the Society for Aquaponic Values and Education.

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O Woe, Soon No Sam Wo!

"Sam Wo, Chinatown's 100-year-old hole-in-the-wall, is closing, much to the chagrin of many locals who grew up on its gruff service, rich noodle soups and late-night chow fun."

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Dieting is Food Historic, Too

Oh-- the Greeks invented the diet, which really meant "a sensible way of life." But---"It was the early Christians who brought temptation and sin into the mix. The enormously fat St Thomas Aquinas wrote: "Let us not give our minds to delights but to what is the end of delights. Here on earth it is e…

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Crazy Titanic Freaks Spend $1000 Each to Dine on Disastrous Meal

Hey, it's food history, no question. Cullen's Restaurant in Houston is feeding the monied a Titanic "last supper," that sounds extremely well-researched.

Via Yahoo News  "At Cullen's, Roberts and Chef Paul Lewis spent months researching the menu, the waiters' attire, the china, silverware, crystal, w…

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Top Female Chef: Elena Arzak

Selected by Veuve Clicquot as Best Female Chef, Ms Arzak continues a family tradition established in 1897 at their restaurant Arzak in the Basque Country of Spain. Appropriately, Madame Clicquot, of champagne fame, took over her husband's business in 1805 at his death at aged 27, and focused solely …

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