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The Media Has Discovered That We all Eat--- National Geographic is On Board

April 30, 2014

Packed with years of food-related research and photography from all over the planet, National Geographic Magazine has just launched The Future of Food, a web portal, as well as a series in the magazine. And it has announced today a relationship with the UN's FAO ( Food and Agriculture Organization) …

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"Food Deserts" Not the Problem?

February 10, 2014

Does continuous lack of money, rather than poor food choices, cause ill health and obesity? Yes, says Slate, despite improved access to fresh foods and cooking info in poverty-stricken areas of the US.

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"Past Sell Date" Food to be Prepared, Offered at Discount

September 25, 2013

"Doug Rauch, the former president of Trader Joe's, is determined to repurpose the perfectly edible produce slightly past its sell-by date that ends up in the trash. (That happens in part because people misinterpret the labels, according to a report out this week from Harvard and the National Resou…

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Food scarcity is not necessary!

November 18, 2011
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