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The Edible Masters: Egg Salad and Pimento Cheese Sandwiches

Yes, it's still the 1950s at The Masters golf tournament in Augusta, GA. The prices are bizarrely low for the traditional egg salad and pimento cheese sandwiches. New fare to some, old standards to those who were cogent back in the day.

(Via SBNation.)

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Happy New Year of the Goat/Sheep!

Food as Fuel: El Capitan

The magnificent climb of El Capitan, just realized by Tommy Caldwell, pictured, with dinner, and Keith Jorgeson, was fueled, at least in part, by what appears to be spuds/carrots/broccoli...? No account we have read of this  almost three week effort has described what they ate, and how. We posted th…

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An End to Low Fat in 2015?

Grant Petersen's book succinctly demolishes the 30,40,50 year old "healthy eating" notions of high carb, low fat in the US, based on his own life, as well as science, suggests brief vigorous exercise for fitness, and implores us to enjoy ourselves doing other activities, whether skiing, running, b…

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Happy New Year!

Foodish and "In" in 2015?

Kalette? A new veg for 2015?

Here's what NPR thinks will be trendy next year.

Resolved for 2015?

For 2015: "Resolve to try one new food each week for a year—or an unfamiliar preparation of an already-known food."

It's a book, a challenge, and a tossing  down of the gauntlet for kids.

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Santa On the Move!

Dept. of Figgy Pudding

You know you want to make this, right? A 16th c. English dish, figgy pud has its fans, indeed.

"You probably remember it from the old Christmas song. Figgy pudding is a spicecake-like souffle made with figs and walnuts. It is moist, delicious, and easy to make."

Recipe here!

Photo via Silvers…

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Two Food-ish Museums Make Finals

Each year the European Museum of the Year forum nominates candidates to be in the running for the top award, the next in 2015.

This year, two of 42 nominees fit into our own category of food and drink. The Vinseum, of Vilafranca, Spain, province of Barcelona, is one. The second is Wind Starke ( For…

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"Power Hungry" in Brooklyn

It's a photographic look at what the powerful vs the powerless eat. Here is an imagined spread in North Korea, both views.

At Air Circulation.

'Tis the Season to be Mellow! Where Have We Been?

We became surfeited with emails, links, and news reports going on about the hideous and demanding and nigh impossible task of preparing a large bird for dinner. ( Oh, come off it!)

And the beginning fever of the so-called "holiday season" stuck in our throats, with media hand-wringing on how to h…

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Maize Maze Prisoners call 911

Be afraid, be very afraid, of humungous corn mazes, or as we like to call them, maize mazes. According to Business Insider, people in a maze run by Cool Patch Pumpkins in Dixon, CA, unable to find their way out, have been annoying local rescue units by calling 911.

"The maze was entered into the Gu…

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CA Strawberries and Pesticides

The Guardian reports that Dow Chemical has inserted itself and its pesticide 1, 3-D into California's strawberry crop big time, with potential dangerous impacts for field workers and others.

(In 2002, Dept of Pesticide Regulations director Paul) "Helliker dismantled the strict oversight designed se…

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Sign If You Want Grilled Chicken

A young Toronto entrepreneur named Anjan Manikumar has opened a restaurant called Signs, to meet the needs of the deaf. The only one in the world? Quite possibly.

According to the, "When Manikumar was a manager at a Boston Pizza in Markham, he noticed one of his regular guests was deaf. Wi…

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Berkeley To Tax Soda!

"On Tuesday, voters in Berkeley, Calif. passed the country's first soda tax with a whopping 75 percent of the vote, a big defeat for the beverage industry, which had poured millions of dollars into blocking the tax," according to the WaPost.

"The university town—population 117,000—was considering …

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Foiled in FL from Feeding the Hungry?

According to the Independent, "A 90-year-old man is facing up to 60 days in jail for feeding the needy due to a new law that bans people in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, from meal-sharing with the public.

The new regulations require groups to be at least 500 feet away from residential properties and fo…

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Pollution Cuts Crop Yields in India

According to the Guardian, "Air pollution in India has become so severe that yields of crops are being cut by almost half, scientists have found.

Researchers analysed yields for wheat and rice alongside pollution data, and concluded significant decreases in yield could be attributed to two air pol…

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"Hip Hops," the NewYorker Food Issue

A Great Notion: The Kitchen Library

If you don't have a creme brulee blowtorch, or a giant bread maker at hand when you want one, and if you live in Toronto, you can borrow same from The Kitchen Library.

Via NPR: "The Toronto-based nonprofit startup was created by 30-year-old Dayna Boyer, a Canadian foodie who was frustrated with her…

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